Monday, September 27, 2010


hello peeps !! hows your life??
diz week is my study week...
currently already prepare for those papers...
hope will get better result than before... :)

* 7 October 2010 Thursday Basic Entrepreneurship
* 8 October 2010 Friday Organizational Behavior
* 12 October 2010 Tuesday Research Approach AND Operation Management
* 13 October 2010 Wednesday Introduction to Multimedia

and THANKS ALOT to my college exam department cuz put the KILLERS subject on the 12 Oct which i have another paper to be done in the morning session... haiz...

MOOD : excited waiting for my semester break... XD

You ! missing you lah ! >.<

Just The Way You Are... :)

im so love thing song much... :)
missing you... counting days...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Folks ! haha...
long time i din update my dear bloggie... been busy as usual...
last week was so busy with all the assignments.. and finally, Thank God im done !
no enuf rest and sleep... plus it was in fasting month... really exhausted... but im glad all my works done... can smile back.. people busy with Eid's preparation while me busy to complete my works.. people enjoyed their holidays longer than mine... actually my college dun hav any extra holiday... luckily on Monday i dun have class.. haha... nevermind... sacrifice worth for future... :)

Last Friday all muslims was celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri... so, Happy Eid's Mubarak to all muslims... im sorry for all my wrong doings whether im realize it or not... deeply sorry from my sincere heart... :) Raya for my this year was ok ok... din feel so much excited compared to the previous year... maybe i dun have time to shopping and break fast with my friends like before... sadly say, one day before raya also i still attend for my class... submit my last assgnment for this semester... haha...

enuf talking bout Raya... less than 3 weeks from now, i will facing my final exam... nid to start add oil... hope i can do well... hope can improve to be better... as i always pray for that... and afta final exam, i hope can get a holiday before i enter my LAST sem for my diploma life... already planning for sumthing... :) *wink wink....

so, enuf here... will continue update when i have free time.. :)

*u make me smile days by days... :)

Je T'aimne :)

Je T'Aime
Je T'Aime tu ju
I am forever yours

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams mocuer
Your' always in my prayers

Wrapped up in heaven's arms

Over the moon
Gathering star dust

Be still
Be safe
Be sure

Je T'Aime
Je T'Aime tu ju

All of your dreams come true

Please remember
Where you are
My heart is with you

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams mocuer
Always in my prayers

I am forever yours
Je T'Aime
Je T'Aime tu ju