Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough... :)

*when all our tears have reached the sea, part of you will live in me... :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

no title

hey folks ! finally... my final exam is OVER !!1 :)
now time for happy and enjoy... but soon, result will come out..
i pray hard i can pass all the subjects... >.<

well.. sem breaks till nov... but i din plan anything during this holiday...
what i'd plan already cancel due to something prob... but its ok...
life must go on...

hurm... do we need to keep blame each other for our past time??
do we need to punish the person because others mistakes?
do we always must argue for things that already hapen?
haih... speechless...

*mood ---> frustrated again...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Pathetic !

oh you pathethic stalker ! PLEASE... get your own style of writing your bloggie ok??
PLEASE... you are so ANNOYING me... PLEASE.. GROWN UP folks !
PLEASE... STOP copy cat others bloggie as well... or I ADVICE you...
better YOU not to have ANY social network or ON9 thinggy if you always copycat others...

shud i say ENGKAU NI MUKA TEMBOK? sah2 kena sembur depan2 pun kau tak terasa kan... ke kau memang jenis tatau MALU or SEDAR DIRI weyh?? kena KETUK banyak kali pon you dun take any action to change?? OMG...
kesian sapa2 dapat kau... aku bersimpati giler ah ! :)



hey peeps ! me not so feeling well... exam week will give me a lots of stress...
not enuf sleep ! and it coz me PANDA EYES.. @.@
2 subjects done ! Basic Entrepreneurship i manage to answer it well... hopefully..
but unfortunately, Organisational Behaviour double thumbs DOWN... super duper HARD...
thanks MSU exam department... haiz... nevermind... i give the best already... push whatever out in the answer booklet... and now focus on my next paper on Tuesday and Wednesday... more gai the subjects... (T.T) but as usual, i'll try my best..

and i realized today is 10 OCT 2010 which mean 101010... haha...
so what's so special this number ha?? haha... maybe for certain people its special bcoz of wedding days, birthdays, engagement days, and etc... but for me... the date is just nice... triple 10.. :)

ok, thats it... bye bye...

*040404 more nice... wakakakkaka... miss you...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mood to bloggie today !

mood ape tah swing today keje nak type bloggie je...
hahaha... just done my revision... take a break awhile then i will continue later until late nite... take a short sleep than wake up early in the morning continue study again.. that's my plan.. jia you dee... haha...

quarrel.. izit a gud or bad in a relation?? when we are loud to say out what we feel, the other party will say, keep the blame on me.. :) but when we let it be unspoken, it will make us hurt... so wats da best things shud we do? discuss? same things hapen..
pointing each other... compare this and that.. start to recall wat had hapen in the past... i admit that is the WORST part... haiz...

when we are single, we tot couple more interesting... and vice versa as well..
what i want i a relation? a matured relation whereby both side can understand each other, give and take, if there is any prob we can discuss and think how to overcome the prob rather than each day you quarrel, quarrel and quarrel and there is no fullstop..

yeah sumtimes we shud sacrifice our feeling to not let it be more worst... for example jealousy... even our partner are still gud to their ex, we shud hold on our emotion to avoid fighting.. hurt izit? but basically, trust ur partner... :) if u know ur partner does not have any feeling towards their ex or others, u no nid to worry and yeps ! Jealousy is always there but control it... :)

dun waste the times in the relation with arguing each other bout the simple things...
and DUN WASTE YOUR TIME to be WITH THE WRONG PERSON as well... ;) You, starting alphabets always not a right for you ok... hehehe... :)

and this you shud put in your blog... hahaha...

haha... reduce my stress... :)

*current mood... : blurrr...


hello peeps ! haih... im doing my revision to face my exam on thursday n friday as well... i think i cud manage it well.. but seems too many chapters i nid to cover..
haiz... Basic Entrepreneurship on 2.30pm to 5.00pm on Thursday then next paper on Friday morning at 9.00am... both papers are very dry subjects !
no nid to sleep liao... damn !

so far, this is the worst sem i faced... many heavy subjects... assginment very hard... but thank GOD i managed to complete those well... just 1 more level then i can smile... Final exam... aka my nitemare... haha.. and the papers set from MSU.. :( very hard...

wish i can answer it well tmrow.. i do the best for my revision already...
just need to vomit it out in the booklet answer.. hahaha... hope my brain din stuck to find the answer... if not i will die...

ok, that's all.... continue doing my revision... =.="

*miss you...

Monday, October 4, 2010

say hello to goodbye... :)

*new hope... new life... new spirit... :) love you...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

kerna ku sayang kamu... :)

Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu

Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu
Hati ini, selalu memanggil namamu
Dengarlah melatiku
Ku berjanji, hanyalah untukmu cintaku
Takkan pernah ada yg lain

Adakah rindu di hatimu
Seperti rindu yang kurasa
Sanggupkah kuterus terlena
Tanpamu disisiku, ku kan slalu menantimu

Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu

Ku tak akan pernah, berpaling darimu
Walau kini, kau jauh dariku
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu
Kan slalu kunanti
Karna ku sayang kamu

Friday, October 1, 2010

with you... :)

*wink wink... love this song much... :)