Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011...

great !! 1st January 2011... i've been waiting for this moment... >.<
phew !! 2010 thanks cuz banyak yg aku blajar... i've been through very hard time sampai satu masa memang aku give up... but i believed, when we are sincere in whatever we do, rewards are ours... :) malas nk ckp byk...
bnda lepas, jgn diingat.. just learn from it.. peace yaww !

azam tahun baru?? of course i wanna be better and better than the previous year..hope this 2011 can brings me more happiness, joy and good achievement as well.. so, to everybody... im sorry for all my mistakes that i've done whether im realised it or not.. but truly, im sorry... :)

to you... i love you but i just missed the moments that we know from the beginning..

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone !!

less than 24 hours...

heyhoo... kurang dari 24 jam nk masuk 2011... =.="
and umur pun akan bertambah lg... *sigh
terasa tua jek... kahkahkah... tp i maintain ler... >.<

today, nothing much i do.. din feel so good.. maybe too stress smpai rasa tak sedap2 badan nih.. asgnment dok menanti je tu.. aku tak sentuh apa lg.. padahal next tuesday kena submit 2 asgnments.. *cnfirm mati aku.. dgn ada presentation segala...

tido bangun tido bangun tgk tv tido.. *dah nama pun tak sedap badan.. telan ubat mestilah lalok kan.. *kat kolej pun dgn lecture pun join the club sakit jugak.. haha.. baru lah sharing is caring... ye tak??

p/s: this year aku tak keluar celebrate new year dgn kawan2 mcm previous year.. masing2 busy dgn komitment sendiri... haha.. semua dah ada hal sendiri maa.. kalau kitaorg tade hal ape2, cnfirm menggila malam new year... *i miss the moments so much !!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally... Congratz Malaysia Football Team !!

after waiting for 14 years, Malaysia finally won the Football Championship AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 through a 4-2 aggregate. A great improvement and maturity shown by the Malaysian goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi che mat when he saved the penalty kick taken by captain Indonessia, Firman Utina. Khairul Fahmi also three times interrupted by a laser beam, but he showed his professional capabilities.

Not forgetting to Malaysia squad who showed remarkable improvement, and create national football history last night. An achievement to be proud of us as citizens of Malaysia.

To Malaysia coach, K. Rajagopal, u're the best coach among the best. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

its the day again... :)

hello peeps ! mood nak type dtg... tp bila dok type, boleh plak blurrrr... =.="
nothing much i wanna say here... wishing Merry Christmas to those who celebrating it.. Hope you all have fun with ur beloved family and friends... :)
Santa Claus in Green... i saw it when i went to Gurney Plaza yesterday...
Funny and weird hah... :))

Yesterday, went out with my bff... Hazureen and Rabiatul... really had a great moments with them since its too long we din spent time together... :D
we just the same like we're in form 1 Arif... :) just time flies too fast and the different is we cant meet up like we used to be in the high school... :(

Tommorow... balik kampung ! yeah... last time balik kampung pun tak ingt bila.. 2006 kot?? huhu... boleh mandi sungai... :D wink wink.. since arwah opah dah tade mmg jarang balik kampung if tade ape2... sob sob...
dulu time kecik2 kerap balik sana...

Now... 25th December 2010... Saturday... struggling hard to finish up all my asgnments before the due date... but =.=" to stress when im looking to all the questions... haih ! few more days 2010 will end.. im praying hard that next year 2011 could give me more inspiration, happiness, better experiences, and good results... :)

this year 2010, is a another year that i faced with a lots of challenges... so far, this is the hardest part of my life as im being a matured person in a relation and life.. :) but its okay... i take it as challenge to make me a strong person and lead to the maturity growth... >.<

for my college things, everything goes well... my result getting better... :)
and i will end my study as Diploma students next year baby... insyaallah... :)
mum, dad, you... you.. you... i ♥ you all...

*to you... u know me well... arguments cannot settle a problems.. :)
rely and trust on each other... yes... it can be... ♥ 1+6+1 :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

goin nowhere...

it doest seems like it will ok...
it doesn't worth for you to know somebody like me..
arguing most of the time.. for me relation are stupid if we are wasting the precious time by arguing...
i had explain it all to you...
its now up to you how to handle it...
you can say whatever you like..
you can talk in many ways with me..
im still smiling at you..
i still pretend that im okay with it..

~BIG SURRENDER with this... tq....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Expected Vs Unexpected...

yeah.. hye.. what a long day it was for me in this few days... =.="
got many asgnments that i need to do.. but none of them i have start yet !
1 asgnment need to submit on this Tuesday and 1 more on Wednesday..
Gosh !! im sooo Lazy like pig rite now... i feel like no mood..
anything is just not rite !! huh.. tskkk !!

silence is better than any argument and make a big war rite ??
end up we just talking, fighting, blaming on the past things.
haih.. just let it be.. i move on.. looking foward baby ! yeehaaa... ;)

what had happened is already happened.. i cant change it even a little..
i just have a present moments and i appreciate it much...

*back to last 2 weeks.. i miss it so damn much !!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hello LOVE... ♥

hey ! just wanna apdate my dear bloggie...
currently feel so sick right after i came back from KL..
fever... flu... sore throat.. coughing.. so complete huh?

yeah.. went to KL last week.. got things to settle and i met Lestary there... ;)
thanks for company me there while im at ur place dear.. :)
thanks a lots for everything baby... haha... >.<

enough with that... now im suffering to finish up my slide and asgnment that i have to present it on this monday... my 1st task for this sem... =.=" argh ! hope to recover fasta... my voice kinda like cartoon.... pfttt ! or rock singer?? wth la...

owh... im so fucking wanna grab this :

haiz... what else?? nothing i guess... so, adios amigos daaa...~

*err... i feel like wanna change my hair colour... can i? wink wink... >.<
miss you... ♥ and thanks for the Fossil wallet too.. ;)