Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tag Fever ke??

Tag instruction!

Remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question.Copy and paste these 20 question in your blog. Tag 8 peoples back.

1.what's ur ambition?

** ambition?? huhu... dunno yet...

2.who's more important to u? bf or fren?
** ma family...

3.what will u do when you face pressure?
** duduk diam2 n dgr lagu... u think u have enough confidence?
** hmm... tak cukup confident lg kot...

5. do u hv any bf/gf rite now?
** ada... byk... hahaha... you prefer SMS or call?
** SMS of course.. sep sikit...

7.what's ur goal for diz year?
** study hard... :) u believe in eternity love?
** yes....

9. What is your current addictions?
** Ice Cream ! Yummy...

10.what are u really afraid of?
** Failure and Death...

11.what is ur current hate?
** erm... hypocrite and back-stabber ! there anything u wanna tell da people who hates u?
** i hate u more ! u cherish every single frenship of yours?
** of course...

14.what is your recent nite dream?
** tak ingat !

15.what do u crave for the most currently?
** Asam Pedas !

16.most unexpected gift u received so far & when?
** 2004... suprise from my frenz on my bday...

17. describe da person who tagged u in 5 words.
** d most closest fren of mine, cute, sweet, pandai masak & love mocha's ice blended...

18. when do u plan to get married?
** hmm... tak pk lg....

19.what will u become in another 10 years to come?
** have my own company... amin...

20.describe yourself in 3 words.
** easy-goin, funny & loving... (^_^)

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