Sunday, December 12, 2010

Expected Vs Unexpected...

yeah.. hye.. what a long day it was for me in this few days... =.="
got many asgnments that i need to do.. but none of them i have start yet !
1 asgnment need to submit on this Tuesday and 1 more on Wednesday..
Gosh !! im sooo Lazy like pig rite now... i feel like no mood..
anything is just not rite !! huh.. tskkk !!

silence is better than any argument and make a big war rite ??
end up we just talking, fighting, blaming on the past things.
haih.. just let it be.. i move on.. looking foward baby ! yeehaaa... ;)

what had happened is already happened.. i cant change it even a little..
i just have a present moments and i appreciate it much...

*back to last 2 weeks.. i miss it so damn much !!

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