Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Final Project as a Dip Students :)

hello folks !!... sorry for a long time disappeared... very busy lately... im already final year student, so  I have to solve many important things and one of it was my final project in a seminar in management subject..  no exam but 100% based on the presentations... =.=" 

on last 22nd Feb 2011, me and my classmates *also final year students* organized a seminar.. to organized this seminar, we need to find speakers who are willing to give his own speech without charged. haih .. that is the hardest part ever.. at the first I thought to want to address people without any payment. but I'm lucky because I have friends who have suggested one successful businessman. 
Mr Sundarajoo while he giving the speech... :)
Mr.Sundarajoo, he worked as director of the company owned by himself... from my view, he was a very professional while givinga speech and in his speech he slipped a little advice on how to succeed in life and how he manage to get in his current condition.. he is also good to make jokes while giving a speech and that situation also makes the students not bored at all to keep listening to his speech... :) 
The cake... :)
keychain with the students name... :)
at last, the seminar went smoothly and successfully.... I am very proud and satisfied with the support shown by my classmates... they are helping each other and very cooperative... after two and a half years we studied together and now we almost completed our responsibilities as a final year Diploma in Management students... *i cant believe that Im gonna graduate soon* Im sure will miss them a lots after this.. same goes to my dear lecturers.. :(
Final Year DIM students with Ms Jessica & Mr Sundarajoo.. :)
So, on 3rd March 2011 will be my last class .. examinations will start next week but I only have the subject on 14 and 18 March, they are E-Commerce and Strategic Management paper...
It's Me.. OnLy me... :)
Wish me best of luck guys... :)

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