Monday, March 21, 2011

Awak ! ohh awak ! kita dah sama umur okay ! ♥

Date : 22nd March 2011
Time : 0045 p.m
Subject : Happy Birthday to Mirna Lestary Bt Azwar ♥

First of all, i wanna wish you Happy Sweet 20th  Birthday dear... ♥
may God always bless you, your family and friends as well..
hope you will be more stronger that before..
may all your wishes and dreams come true..

i have been so glad to know you..
to have somebody that always i have to talk with, to lend ears and
 shoulder when i need somebody to calm me...

i do have best friends and most of them i knew from school time and you was 
the latest among them.. but it time is not a big deal to make a BFF.. 
we are too close like we knew each other for a several years.

about people around you dear.. let them be... let them be to talk about you.. gossiping about you or spread the rumours towards you.. 
Just let them be okay.. you cant win with their debates..
so dont waste your precious time.. :)

push away all the things that can mess up your mind and your life..
focus on your study and what you have currently.. :)

same age >.< *hahaha* muahhhh ♥
so, Happy Birthday again sweetie.. ♥
your birthday gift you may claim when we meet soon okay.. 
*like im gonna give you any present* hahahaha...


lexthary dalova said...

ohh ohh ohh sweetieee. thank u very muchh ♥

Heart Dee said...

my pleasure... :)
xoxo.. ♥